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anyone else getting sick of the sharingan?
That's what I was wondering Ma! Why did they vote him Number 1?
idk...probably because he is kinda cool in his own...emo creepy revenge maniac way....i think its his hair...XD
The sharingan has become annoying. Also the idea of the whole Uchiha clan being superior just because they have Uchiha blood makes me annoyed as well. It makes them seem so almighy, but to me it's just dumb. It was cool at first, but then it just became blown out of proportion.
yeah...I still think its his hair XD
I hate his hair so much!!! But yeah I still think the sharingan is overrated.
hell yeah it is...wait...what can a sharingan do exactly? Its kind of confusing...
sharingan is best used in doing gentjutsu
remember what sasuke did to manda

sharingan can use genjutsu because it works with people's minds thats how they can also copy jutsu and know what the oponent is doing or going to do before thay even do it.... also it can see chakra color.... thats pretty much how they see things....
im annoyed that sasuke'y eyes can surpassed itachi's
no they cant! Didnt itachi learn the ultimate sharingan technique? Sasuke still only has the second version of the sharingan

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