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anyone else getting sick of the sharingan?
It's like the only reason Sasuke's strong. Without that and his curse-mark, he would be a weak midget that would need to get saved over and over.
yep, he couldnt do chidori as he needs the sharingan for that, and its easy to counter his fire based jutsu
I myself made a thread called is the Sharingan overpowered basically addressing the same things lol. You can't possibly say what would Sasuke or Itachi be like without Sharingan. That's like saying what would Naruto be without Kyuubi or Neji without Byakugan. I do believe Sasuke is being overpowered with it all though.
i didnt' kno about ur thread sorry and yeah i agree sasuke wouldnt' be a good character without the sharingan but the author freaken emphisizes it like crazy. i'm getting sick of it. you dont' see naruto like i have the ninetails you will all die no one can reach my power
Im not getting sick of the sharingan (because I still like uchiha itachi)
What makes me sick is sasuke, I am just tired of seeing his face this last chapters
Sasuke has NO power of his own! All he has is sharingan and the curse mark...the only thing he has on his own is chiidori...and thats not even as powerful a srasengan so naruto would deffinetly overpower sasuke...even WITHOUT the 9 tails
^^ But the thing is, he has those powers... so hed probably pwn naruto, which sucks cause I hate sasuke!
yeah...i feel ur pain...i just dont understand how sasuke has so much ego! I can tell just by looking at him! AAAAAAAARG! WHAT A JERK! XD
His pacifism as well as his conceit is really annoying... I have no idea why japanes kids vote him as the #1 character... maybe in japan emo is cool right now??
XD probably...that explains all the black hair lol

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