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link to forums on main page
WOAH there buddy... you know I am all up for competitive posting but posting just to increase your post count? I see that as just a waste of bandwidth... probably why those three sections no longer count as posts is because of how easy it was to get so many posts in there.
Hey, as long as their quality, I'm fine with it.
Yeah, quality is always good but to me it sounded like he was posting for the sake of posting.
woah hold up a sec i don't post for the sake of posting, if i ever post anything, it has meaning to it. let there be cridics but everytime i post i do it with reason.
aww :\ oh well ill build up my post like what cavemen use to do
Darkreaper70 Wrote:aww :\ oh well ill build up my post like what cavemen use to do

what did cavemen used to do?
im the newest member so to catch up it will take me like years
maybe 5 years or so to get 1000 posts
ionno about 5 years your already 1/40 of the way there and its been less the a month since you started lol
Meh. You won't see my post count go up a large amount anymore. I just stay behind the backgrounds now...well..for the Animanga section. Catch up to me if you will. And more people will surpass me and soon Ma. But no one will pass Test Account. Well. Good luck with the postings.

Btw....Are you suggesting that we have a banner link?

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