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What the hell is Tobi??? Part 2.
hmm...perhapr ur right...oh and my bad, i didnt know i couldnt insult tobi *rolls eyes*
Yes never insult tobi...
Anyway, he could be dead now, which would totally suck...
....I only think deidera is dead. Im sure tobi isnt dead...
we didnt even see what tobi is capable of so he cant die yet
Your right, Im just pessimistic... He probably is alive but not for long. He will probably fight kakashi and die...
I dont knoooooooow...i think alot more of tobi is still to come
aznboiray Wrote:whos zetsu?

Zetsu is the plant looking guy with a double personality it seems or his plant talks or something like that, he does the cleanup for Akatsuki.

And I also think that Tobi has a lot of potential for the Naruto series.
........ zetsu doesnt do the clean up literaly he just eat dead people and they put him in vigilance since he can see from far away... thats why some people think he's using the byakugan.... anyway tobi is going to have more to the story than just that i mean all the akatsukis have been important for the story so far.....
>.> yes he does do "cleanup"....hes the akatsuki's equivalent of a hunter nin...he also serves as a spy because of his leech all creation technique that allows him to merge with his surrounding and travel vast distances fairly quickly....
also he's a perverted circus freak..

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