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release dates
Please can you add wether the manga's are released Monthly, weekly and etc

it would help alot, thanks Tongue
well the ones that are finished it would just say (completed) as it does already, and i can see your point but a rough estimation would be fine i guess. Big Grin, thanks for the help though, i can help

Bleach= weekly

(i bet you already knew that Tongue)
666 satan is monthly
fma is monthly
blue dragon is weekly
eyeshield weekly
prince of tennis weekly
you can also look it up at
I tried, they don't tell you the dates
Tsubasa and xxxHolic are both weekly.

And Cristo is completed.
eh? i thought xxx holic and tsubasa comes out monthy....
Both fate stay night and NHK should be monthly too
Sorry I've been slacking lately, I'll get back on completing the list. If I get the time I'll add the mangaka, the publisher and where it's searilized.
Most of this can be found on wikipedia, but I guess it's okay for the Onemange fans here.

Edit: xxxholic is searilized in a weekly magazine, so I just assumed... But I'll give you the benefeit of the doubt this time around

Same goes for Tsubasa

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