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DGM 125
Well I think it may be lenalee who saves them (watch Im wrong) because she looked really distressed and all and its about time she sucks it up and kicks some ass! But yeah, everyone else is dying and lenalee is the only one who isnt in a near death coma...
and since everything was destroied if there was someone else in there they would have to come out and nobody did so.....
i think somehow the other dudes are going to comeback the samurai guy and crowly
I think they are alive too, the question is how? Maybe someone saved them but who... cross?
cross may save them but the question is who is going to save allen and the others....
How can anyone even beat tentacle man tyki anyway?? He took them all out in like 5 secs... and why did he pick up lenalee??
Probably to kill her or rip the innocence (assuming it's there) out.
or he may just like her... :grin: anyway did you see the begining picture linalee came out with her lomg hair.. wierd...
Beginning picture, what??
just the opening picture of the chapter....

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