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chapter 463
now that chapter 463 is out what do you think will happen next? ^_^

im glad sanji is beating the hell out of absolm ;D

gl to luffy kicking gecko moria's ass
^^ *thumbs up* that doppleman was annoying me >.>
Sanji did a good job teaching the consequences of messing with the ladies.
true but they are still going to end up geting beaten up, because in one piece it is a not a big story if the chars do not get beaten to death (or nearly) at lest 2 or 3 time befor they win
I think this whole thing will end fast, similar to what Sanji did with Absalom. Compared to the CP9 those guys are wimps, they'll be done in no time. The only fight I really want to see is Zoro vs Brook's Shadow.
Compared to CP9, strengthwise, they may be wimps, but they can use the fact that they don't die to their advantage (the zombies that is). So overall, fighting a totally unknown enemy, they may actually be about even.
Yeah, Assassin's don't do much to people who are already dead...

Moria is one of my favorite villians, mainly because he just doesn't care.
His apathy is to be admired.
hooray for sanji and he hasn't even done diablo leg yet
i wanna see perona and ussop fight and who franky will fight ^^

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