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Fairy Tail II
(I take it those things are not spoilers since KEFI released the chapter already and it's just not added to this site yet, otherwise... don't read it.)

Just read chapter 47 and boy, that punishment for taking an S-class mission was too harsh. I've seen many things in my life but that was evil, I couldn't even look at it...

Also Erza's PJ-Exquip, I had to laugh so hard. XD

Unfortunately we won't be able to laugh like that for a while, it's getting serious now...
aww dude u should've put up the spoiler sign!
i like the punishment....."why are u hitting my butt?"
are levi and the others dead?
or just like unconscious....
yes war i love war! ^_^ btw aren't those three like um dead? and weren't they one of the strongest in FT?
they were in a group but no they werent...
mist gun(i think that was his name),erza,"the geezer"(or something of that nature) and that one guy that saw happy whose name escapes me....were the strongest in FT
hmmm ur right...>.> maybe i got the wrong peeps..
ah well....i cant wait for natsu vs....iron guy....who is the same but w/ iron....and then makarov vs. the other leader...which i hope happens...i wanna see some miniature pwnage
Ira was it i think and yea Natsu going to be at a very disadvantage point unless his fire is strong enough to melt steel...
yea....but he has that soul flame...or w/e so it could make the air pressure lower so i could probably melt steel...and he is pretty pissed off right now.....
yea but wut soul flame i dun remember anything about that? new chapter will be exciting i can tell you that..

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