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Blaze Wrote:go as captain smoker x) with a paper cigarettes lmao..
Meh i'm not in shape enough to do that.
hehe just do something weird x) maybe luffy..or Jio from 666 satan
Hmmm sure but there's no way i'm going as a naruto chara thats so overused.
#34 something that isn't used Beck characters or 666 Satan....maybe fairy tail,ares,there is a whole lots of character for u to choose to go as...i wish i could go...
2 of my friends who did it before..they handmade their outfits.

they wont be going to SugoiCon this november i wont be able to go. Sad for me i would like to do the following..Aizen, Urahara, Light, Lancer (Fate/Stay Night), "Bloody" Harry (Gungrave), Mugen (Samurai Champloo), Kurogane (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), Kiba (Wolf's Rain).
DeviantArt has a lot of cosplay pictures too. You might want to take a look at them :3
deviant cosplayed themself?!?!? jking ;P but i sure do wish i could go cosplaying someone >.< i can still dream on..

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