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i love this manga. usually i am more interested in things with more action not magic stuff. but i do like the occasional ecchi and humor on the side. this one took me by surprise. i love this manga now. Smile
Me too, I like the humor and the current story.
I hope a new chapter will be out soon.

Big Grin
mx0 is a manga that i only recently came across
and i definatly love it
the magic thing gives it a negima feel but it's still a great manga
i do not really like the magic part so much but the humor in the story is done very nicely
I dont like the magic part either but it is quite funny
What's wrong with the magic part?

Ok, it's not original but it gives the writer a certain freedom.
agreed magic is common but can still be surprising
after all no one suspected harry potter whould be a hit years ago
i dont mind the magic part. i like how the story is developing as well as its comedic approach. Smile
just found this manga and i luv it cuz its funny even though it doesnt have alot of action
still great though
I like the story, it's very creative. The way in which its still creative after all this time, as it could get very repetitive, is impressive. The fact that hes learning magic now might kinda spoil it though: what does everyone else think?

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