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What happened to Rin??
Well I want them to all meet someday....I just think Kakashi wouldn't let her die like that you know! e promised to take care of her for Obito..
then she cant be an akatsuki's subordinate.... because that would be even more stupid....
I think shes dead. Whats the point in having her alive. Kakashi is obviously only affected by obitos death... he doesnt care about anyone else...:grin:
hmmm....maybe every1 is wrong and shes just living peacefully in some far off nation
she died
yes or maybe Rin isn't that important..
lol blaze XD every1 is talking about how she could be this or that...hmm itd be funny if the creator just didnt wanna put her back in the story
It would suck if naruto ended without ever revealing what happened to her..
Tobi, Kakashi did care! He promised after Obito died to take care of her. He said that whn Rin was attacked later on...
yea kakashi isnt THAT cold hearted....

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