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Does Sasuke like Sakura?
it's just that most of the people here hate sasuke n sakura....
Yeah, that's basically true. Honestly, I think...Sasuke would have had something for Sakura if it weren't for Itachi. I mean, aside from Naruto and Kakashi...She cared for him (more then friends it seems). And she began to understand him, just a little. Muh...-.-'
after sasuke kills itachi, do you really think he will come back to sakura, she holds him like a friend now as she matured
yea when naruto first came back it seemed like he mighta grown on her.. =D
HAHA. you guys are mean, and nasty.
i think Sakura is starting to like Naruto

but i dont really like that cuz Sakura is annoying and is always talkin bout Sasuke,Sasuke,Sasuke u kno

and Sasuke doesnt like her i think maybe only as friends
NOOOO. naruto and Sakura would never happen. HOKAGE DON"T HAVE A WIFE. Anyways I don't like them together.

why not? thier not monks. They've got kids why no life partner?
Who said Hokages can't have wives? Thats just b.s.
No one. but it doesnt seem like they woudl have enough time for it.

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