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Does Sasuke like Sakura?
[font=Arial][size=small][color=purple] I think he does. But revenge is in the way. What about you?
pfft screw Sakura...she doesn't deserve anyone...let her die...Sasuke should a new woman..
hmmm what makes you say that?
sakura sux... i like ino better... but she sux too so.... sasuke will definitely will find someone else he likes...
I think he does as well sapphire.
if you really think he does then you have brain damage.... nah just kidding but seriously he never liked her maybe as a friend but thats all...
i think its more of a guy vs gal question here. because i have yet to talk to a guy that reads naruto that likes sakura.
my point exactly... no one likes sakura... not even sasuke
Sasuke doesn't need Sakura or anyone else. He loves himself, that's enough.
youre talking gaara now...

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