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What are you listening to?
Hey there Delilah-Plain White Ts'
im listening Linkin Park "in the end" is been ssooo long since i heard this song.... i still love it
I'm listening to Shinsen Radio. All your anime music and sound tracks you can imagine. Every time you request a song an emo kid is born.

Sorry I'm listening to Hirano Aya - Kaze Yomi Ribbon....
hmm how do u excatly listen to it? do u click on some link where a new page will pop up?
you could put it into windows media player, or winamp by adding the url or something like that.
Winamp. I haven't used that in a long time.....
I love that song 'Hey there Deliah', Reminds me of Sora. And the song 'In the end', I don't think that will ever get old...Lol, I hear it so many times a day.

I'm listening to the song 'Pretty Girl'. I forgot who its by, it doesn't say on my playlist. (It's old...) And It's the Acoustic Version.
Hey there Deliah is very simple but its a nice song.

Currently: California-Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Currently: Player -By Origa with Heartsdale

You have to have either Itunes or Winamp on and refresh the page or click the link again and it connects to your player so you can listen to that radio anytime! XD Gotta love it.
hmm naw..i dun feel like doing that..too lazy...

Rie Fu-Life is a boat

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