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DGM 124
i repeat my earlier thought about tyki
well its not like tyki likes him but he might stop himself since the noah its not him but inside him....
yes he does...>.> road said it earlier
he just likes to have fun with him but in reality he hates allen...
>.> i think he actually likes him....but we are all entitled to our own opinion...
I think tyki is confused over who he is cause he said he likes his human friends but the noah inside him controls him and forces him to do the earls bidding...
maybe he revels against the earl or something....
Its possible cause there was another noah who defied the earl...
i think they arent over the control of the earl they are doing it just because they wnt to do it.... so maybe that other noah appears and tells tyki to stop or something...
I think that other noah is dead... Im not sure though so we should check the wonderful world of wiki:nods:

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