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DGM 124
Yeah this chapter was pretty boring in action...
But when road returns will she still be burnt?
And will allen have to advance his sword even more to completely destroy the noah or maybe he can just keep slicing tyki till his noah is dead?
maybe road comes back and destroys tyki since she likes allen and all... allen looks pretty tired so the only two more ways that nothing would happen to him is that cross appears or linalee save him with her innocence...
or maybe tyki cant bring himself to do it since he likes allen and betrays the earl ^^
Kanda and Crowly come back and help him win.
>.>...they arent exactly in any condition to help atm
yes there is no way they can help.... im thinking cross is helping them but maybe not... maybe they're all dead
Big Grin yay arent u the optimist well...allen isnt gonna die...hes the main char...itd be a crappy manga without him
true... but i didnt say he was going to die i said the others are dead...
i know i was starting my own thought and not continuing urs
oh... ok then... but i dont think allen can fight anymore so someone else needs to help him... maybe tyki just dies before he gets to allen

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