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DGM 124
So tyki is now super powerful... or is it tyki? And how will lavi stand up against him?
mm... i liked the new form of tyki's outfit... im pretty sure cross shows up to help them or linalee's innocence reacts or something like that....
Linalee better get over this girly crying thing she has soon...
And cross may save them, but how would he have gotten into the ark??
i dont know... my theory is that he's helping the others that fell behind...
well tyki new form looks like something from
zelda the twilight princess
yes it really does look like the mask of that big nake guy... but i wonder if tyki became like that what will happen to the others noah that were pretty much killed?
The other noah were killed though, right?? Tykis noah was only killed (supposed to be anyway)... But where did road go to, she even left lero behind...
she got burned or something but im pretty sure she's not dead yet.... she might come back and make another foor
haha, just read it. GAAAAAAAAAAH! SUSPENSE!
yeah i hated the way it ended... nothing really happened...

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