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Nine-tails Naruto vs Curse sealed Sasuke
the 3 tailed was captured by tobi and dei.
........ oh yeah right... but it was sasori and dei not tobi... anyway i cant wait to see the six tails... i guess he/she is from the lightning village...
Tobi and dei caught the turtle looking 3 tails, dei caught the 1 tailed, and sasori never actually caught a demon (to our knowledge)...
yea sasori never got one...unless u count garra...but that was mostly deidara
but didnt dei say when he was fighting kakashi and naruto that he cought the 3 tails?
no he didnt...
Dei said that some of his companions caught two other jinchuriki, thats all he said...
and we saw him and tobi fight and capture it....
omg...i know this is off topic...but this guy on youtube posted a bulletin of harry potter spoilers and i looked...and now i know who life is ruined...anyways...
umm...that woulda been better off in offtopic in the harry potter thread...

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