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Nine-tails Naruto vs Curse sealed Sasuke
this is kinda :offtopic: this isnt a pairing thread....
ok thats true... anyway sasuke would never be able to beat naruto but the problem is that naruto would never wants to beat him
Undoubtably the result would be Naruto completely owning Sasuke. Since he lacks control in that state, it's likely that he would end up brutally killing Sasuke as well.
probably naruto, as sasuke doesnt seem to be getting any better.
even kakashi told sauske that depending on the curse more and more would result in sauske losing poential skill
But sasuke has the 1st's ability to control tailed demons...
At nine-tailed, Sasuke won't stand a chance even if he get's mangekoyo sp? sharingan. Naruto would go so fast that the sharingan will become an insignificant toy.
Yeah I have said this at least three times in this thread already. Kyuubi isn't a possibility against Sasuke. He seems to be able to stop Kyuubi's chakra, so why is this thread still going lol? It doesn't even make sense at the moment in the manga.
Couldnt the first control all demons?? So if sasuke has his ability, no matter how many tails naruto gets, sasuke could over power him...
because they are friends...

and i think sasuke would own naruto cuz thats what happened last time. naruto got so much better with the toad summoning, rasengan and the ninetail relase and all sasuke got was the curse seal lvl 2 and he kicked naruto's that was pretty damb lame if you ask me

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