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Nine-tails Naruto vs Curse sealed Sasuke
who would win in a fight Naruto in his nine tails form
or Sasuke in his cursed seal form

2 me Naruto would murder Sasuke
i wanna hear what other ppl mite think of this future possible fight
well thats is such an easy question....Naruto at 3 already could almost kill Deidara and it took Sasuke awhile to defeat him,but if Naruto add up to 5 or 6 tails and use Shuriken Rasengan on Sasuke he would definately be defeated....even if he can see Naruto's chakra color
sasuke would get totally trounced at 5-6 tails but if he did brake the seal which hold the nine tails i dought sharingan could evan keep up with narutos speed
Why do you ask questions when you already know Naruto would win? At the Valley of the End, Naruto went only 1 tails on Sasuke. You saw the conclusion. If Naruto had even 2 tails, Sasuke would've gotten owned so badly.
Well, if it's "Nine-tails Naruto vs Curse sealed Sasuke", I guess both die. Naruto gets completely owned by his inner Demon which then kills Sasuke as well as many other people. If Naruto already loses control of himself with 4 tails, 9-tails will destroy him.
If naruto used 3 tails or 4 tails he could kill sasuke because he would be too fast and too strong... even with the cursed seal sasuke had a hard time defeating deidara. And when naruto went one tail and sasuke went cs he still only slightly won...
yes yes...but Sparksy got a point there...but wut if the guy with 1st Hokage Genes was near Naruto? He can get Naruto back to normal...
I dont think yamato has that much power... he struggled to get 4 tail naruto under control...
You mixed Spade up with Sparksy? And you do have a point. But Yamato won't always be around Naruto at all times....
SilverKunai Wrote:You mixed Spade up with Sparksy? And you do have a point. But Yamato won't always be around Naruto at all times....
o really?!?! lol i thought Sparksy changed his name xD.and yea ur right..but i have this feeling that Naruto will got 1 on 1 with Nine tails to gain his power instead of taking over Naruto's body

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