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would sasuke be back??
He will definably come back after Itachi is dead but I am not entirely sure he'll kill Itachi
so then he thinks he killed itachi and then he comes back?
No I think someone else might kill Itachi other than Sasuke but after Itachi is dead either way he will definitely be back.
aahh what? if someone is dead is dead but sasuke has been saying that he would kill itachi for like the begining it wont be funny if someone else kills him....
I think it would be hysterical if Itachi dies by someone else in front of Sasuke.
yeah... he would said like "wtf just..."
hmm...or itachi accidently kills himslef infront of sasuke >.> thatd be pretty funny
no itachi trips while fighting sasuke and falls on a pointy rock and die.... that would just sux.... anyway we are out of topic here
personally when Sasuke kills itachi, willing to bet money it will be Sasuke that does it, though he will have help, he wont go back to Konoha, hell just replace Itachi as the wanted S-Class Uchiha Member.
Either way, the Uchiha clan would end at their generation....

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