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Tenjou Tenge
Again, for all comments and discussions on this manga/anime, because I can't be the only one that's read/seen this one.
Tenjou Tenge is kiKASs woooooo!! everyone should read this manga. It has a pretty good plot but kinda gets complicated towards the middle, but the action is awesome.... yea, wooo....
And then there's the fanservice and the awesome name of the mangaka (He goes by Oh-Great! I mean, C'MON!).
lol, yea dude, TT is badass cuz of all the fighting scenes in it which go OUT F'N CONTROL. i cant wait for it to get into the real INSANE fighting soon to come.
Oh man, what do you think are the tourney prospects now. I mean, they have some real hard competition. I want Bob to get more action, but he seems to be forever a side character -.-

Also, I have alot more respect for asshat now. =D
yea, Bob needs to get more character development cause we havent seen him do much recently
i know, hey did bob's girlfriend really cheat on him.
I don't think so, but Bob cheated on his girlfriend... with four girls... at the same time O_O
yea bob is very weak when it comes to girls but i don,t think that his girlfriend cheated on him but ichigo on the other hand is feakin stupid he is not intersted in girls at all but he is so freakin strong and i can,t wait to see the next competition
it very deep and sometimes that gets in the way of the kickasness i like

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