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Silvery Crow
its the new manga on the main site..and yea it's good so far...still reading it...and i can see similarity between the main character and Jing in Bandit King Jing...

lol also it have nice humor too xD
[Image: 24.jpg]
Hey, it's from the Samurai Deeper Kyo author!
About time he's making a new story..., I'll be enjoying this.

Edit: I always liked how he drawn a girl characters, lots of sexy one..., he also had quite a fanservice back in SDK (It was a great manga regardless).
hmm i dun really like his drawing of girl characters..
Well..., don't you think at least it's better than most of others jump comic girls? (like Naruto or Bleach)
i think Bleach is alright...and yea is that guy a Crow in human form?
He might have been one, but who knows..., it's still 1st chapter after all.
The author last manga hold a bunch of (suprising) mysteries like this too.
it is a cool manga can not wait for the next chapter.
I like this manga... but it has the same typical hero, a stupid guy who eats and sleeps a lot...
nothing is wrong with it. just cus lost of people have done it, it is still great
I still like it only cause it has a different storyline...

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