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Fairy Tail
Greg Wrote:It was a good chapter... I'd like to see Gray die in this battle.

Gray will probally go Super Saiyan 5 and start whooping that retarded guy! hehe~
Fairy Tail chapter 41 has been released. anyways so what do you think is gonna happen? this gray is gonna use "it"?? i dont think itll be him..i think itll end up being Leon who uses "it". Smile but thats just my thoughts.
Is leon even fit to battle deliora, gray whooped his ass. I think the first person to fight deliora will be natsu because he is kinda right there...
Wouldn't it be awesome if Lucy gets there, and sends Deliora into the stellar spirit dimension? Then gets a key for Deliora as a Stellar Spirit? Ah well, wishful thinking.
That would be cool as hell Greg. Then she would be so strong, but yeah I think Natsu is going to fight Deloirra or hold him off and Gray will come and they will battle it out and then maybe Leon will come to his senses and use Ice Shell and stop Deloirra.

But also what is with that cloaked guy? He says he uses ancient forgotten magic like Natsu, so what is going on there?
im guessing that leon will be like "What was i thinking?....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Iced Shell! Sorry Gray..."
and natsu will kick the crap out of the cloaked guy....
kinda predictable but as long as there is that natsu/gray ownage of every1, hopefully including the lion thing, then i'll be happy
I have to admit greg, you come up with the most awesome theories...
And natsu using old magic is suspicious. But the fact that a dragon taught him how to slay a dragon is even more suspicious...
well i dont think that that is possible for 2 reasons
1st, lucy is able to close the door b/w the dimensions but not send something into them
2nd, stellar spirits live in that dimension so they arent just powerful things that are banished to there from the regular dimesion
Not that I think gregs theory is absolutly possible but natsu did get transported through that dimension thing...
ya but not sent...
well i could be wrong though stellar spirits could have been sent to that dimension by older and forgotten magic like natsu's
but lucy doing it, i dont think so

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