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Fairy Tail
I haven't read fairy tale in a while and I forget some of the terms. Natsu better help kick ass.
Who knows, maybe that gold key up for payment is a blank that can be used for that. And I don't believe my theory either, for the record.
As the old people say, Seeing is believeing, so you should SEE the new chapter before you believe.
hmmm i just read chapter 41 and im hoping to see some *ss kicking action from Natsu =] instead of Gray using Ice Shell...
I like Natsu action more than gray action... so im hoping natsu will be the one to take deliora down...
Gray has the weirdest moves... I mean an ice bow? how the hell is that supposed to work? is the ice elastic? if it isn't then why form a bow and waste energy? just chuck the arrows at im? (don't even get me started on that cannon)
indeed but that's the whole point of the manga! "weird" lol..thats y Natsu's tounge is flaming..
Natsu is awesome, he and erza are my favorite charcters..
Natsu and Plue pwns!
Plue...that reminds me of Plue from Rave Master. I love that......thing. What the hell is Plue anyway?

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