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Fairy Tail
It was a good chapter... I'd like to see Gray die in this battle.
yeah, and what's that guy up to? and lol natsu going "it's my show!" then running after that guy was hysterical xD
If Gray does die i'll probably stop reading Fairy Tale as hes my fav character and while i do like the other characters, their just not as cool as gray and their magic is not as interesting (ice rules for a magic power), so he better not die...tho swords are rather unforgiving...
*Spoiler* (i guess....)

well i havent read the words but ive seen the raws and gray survives the sword
then starts kicking the crap out of leon w/ fists and stuff not much magic
but thats only in the next chapter
havent seen any more of the raws cept for #40
lol yea i know Sparks "it's my show" gave me a laugh there xD
That part made me laugh so hard, lmao. Natsu is totally awsome, he really does follow his insticts and completely forgets what he was just doing xD
hehe sounds like Luffy xP if Fairy Tail was straw hat crew...Natsu=Luffy/Gray=Zoro or Sanji/Ezra=Robin
Fairy Tail always reminds me of one peice, Awsome manga is fairy tail i enjoy reading it, dont want grey to die, he is a quality character makes me laugh how he loses cloths all the time Tongue
It was a good chapter!
why would anyone want to see Grey die! I like watching him strip!
I like Gray a lot but I like Natsu more, I always like the retarded guys more then the cool, serene guys (though when Gray takes off his clothes hes not really serene, lol).

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