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Shout Out Thread XI:Its not a face.
when's it coming out?
MattC303 Wrote:Darker? hmmm. I hope it still has the Avatar "feel" to it.

Yeah, they should have never ended the show with that big of a cliffhanger if they aren't going to address it.
Yep supposedly.
It should still have the same Avatar feel to it. Yea I hate show that end with way too big a cliffhanger or just end badly all together.(examples are Lost, Hakouki Shinsengumi Kitan). They really should of addressed what happened to his mom.
kitsune09 Wrote:Avatar's second installment.
Well plot holes are common :/
Yes true, but they could have easily answered it. But it's all history now I guess.
me november. Still long time to wait. But I hope it is as good as the avatar.

Anyways I am logging off. Bye.
Bye Kitsune

It seems they only plan for 12 episodes and be done with it even if it is a hit. I would like to see a full series rather than a mini series.
It's possible they will continue if it does very well though.
btw I made the Avatar thread ^^
but I hope it's gonna be more than that
More than what?
12 episodes

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