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Shout Out Thread XI:Its not a face.
No...its just right. No one will know anything that happens here.

::drinks tea that comes from my cloak::
And yet anyone can stumble upon this thread... *screams*
*walks in*

Is anybody he- Aw man I stepped in doo doo... who's responsible???
.....Nope. Still peaceful.
Hi.... just logged on! Wow it's pretty hot outside.
.......Lmao Excel-Kleinwwald I think it has to do with Tobi....::eats cake:: And Zoro where I live it's flooding rain....
Its around 79 where I am..
Wow! That's pretty warm...Sad In Canada right now it seems like Winter!!!
.....Meh. Canada is better than the U.S. Go go medical care.
And Education.....I think! How is it there anyway?

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