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Shout Out Thread XI:Its not a face.
Wow, Im just reviving this thread for no apparent reason...
with akatsuki threads and everything i think Shout Out thread might be forgotten..
Well it can be used for the people who arnt in akatsuki... but they probably wont use it...
Lol this forum has developed so much xD
I feel outta place ...

Well anyway, HI everyone ^^
I haven't logged in for a longish time.
Hello, hows it goin??
It's been good, i'm loggin off soon. xD
wow Yiling-sama are you able to access to the Urgent thread or something???? is it about Crimson Wing??? @_@
Wow! I forgot about the good old SHout Out thread! XD Gotta love it!
Its a lot more peaceful here.
Yes i noticed.......:Confusedilent:: It's to quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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