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Shout Out Thread XI:Its not a face.
he realy gets into character but is really easy to be itachi for the things he says...
true btw wut time is it at ur place?
5:45 i think.... you got 999 posts cool...
hehe of the oppisite of 666..
so youre the good guy then Smile but now you have 1000 so congrats
#26 guys post so says 6 am and 5 am....
How far the mighty have fallen; the most popular thread has gone 4 days without a post... there was a day that we went through two in a day...

So how's everyone been?
lol.....I think we seemed to have forgotten about this. We've been on other threads and etc etc.

I'm doing good. But I'm not sure about tomorrow. If I'm going to have a hangover or something. I shouldn't drink 20% volume alcohol..
im good atm, work stinks but what work doesnt, summers fun and aloof and its been great ;D
I'm not weak because I lack hatred OR a Big-@$$neckband... I'm weak because I lack WAFFLE CRISPS!!

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