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Wat is ur innocence???
i think i would be able to form specific weapons with each element and then fuse two weapons of two elements wen i fuse two elements together
i think those r some good special abilities for those weapons
name: El cuerpo de los angel-es (Spanish translation into "the body of the angels)

power: Invulnerability, the user become a thick silver musclehead which absorbs physical damage that would otherwise be lethal.

type: parasitic


Level 1:Silvershell-grants the user incredible defensive power and most deflects projectile weaponry.

Level 2:goldshell-aside from an even greater defensive boost the user of this Innocence can now give back quadruple there attack strength after absorbing physical damage.

Level 3, general level:Angelshell- the user of the Innocence now is enabled to soar through the skies with large white angel wings. instead of a thick armor boost of gold or silver. the armor of the angelshell is colored tanned-black which deflects/absorbs microscopic damage and even promotes auto-regeneration. the innocence is still allowed it's older abilities but on a much greater span.

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