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Wat is ur innocence???
...i just had a dream last night that i was an exorcist. -.- my innocence were two blades that looked like archer's blades from Fate/Stay Night
[Image: ArcherKanshoBakuya.jpg]
ARcher..... hmm hes actualli shoru u noe....
anyway, what can your innocence do?
i already knew he was the adult version of emiya..i have the H-game..lolz. anyways it was the same as archer's abilities..Unlimited Blade Works, could extend the blades and throw them like a boomerang.
mine would a parasite type in my ribs that each one represented a element that would engulf my body and allow me to use it as i saw fit. like fire would engulf my body lik the torch and i use in many different ways
i will have a parasite tipe that covers my whole body.... like when ishigo became a hollow... i dont know something like that
Name:Rib Cage Armor

Power:each pair of ribs would have a element or power(24 ribs in the ribcage 12 powers)


Forms: the elements will become some kind of armor that envelops my body and allows me to attack with it.i would also have complete control of that power or element


and as my syncro rate increased i could use them more powerfully and use more than one at the same time.

i could mix electricty with water, fire with ice, speed with electricity to make combos with limitless possiblities
cool.... mine will be able to transport me anywhere i want or transport anything anywhere... so when im fighting i can be really fast because i can transport myself behind the enemy...
i like wat i came up wit becuz theres alot i can do with this kind of power and there alot of stratigies as well as traps to make
Name: Hauringu Kitayori (Howling Northern Wind)

Type: Weapon

Form: Dual wield Jutte

Power: Since the Jutte have no actual cutting blade, it creates a blade using the air around it with sub-zero temperatures. Actual sub-zero temp depends on syncro rate. 100% would equal absolute zero, while 0% is at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.77778 Celsius). Also grants its user the ability to move with the wind and control the air currents in a 50 meter radius.
I'd want mine to be:

Weapon type.
Scythe from.
Some random Japanese words for the name.

I'd want the power to be able to control wind or something.

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