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Poll: Ecchi a need or....
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I want it, because it gives something to the manga
20 43.48%
I couldn't care less if its there or not.
24 52.17%
Ghaaa i hate Ecchi. Its just an excuse to get more readers.
2 4.35%
Total 46 vote(s) 100%
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Ecchi a need or....
ecchi is good but not all the times
u kno
some mangas are worse when theres ecchi i there
but mostly comedy/romantic mangas i think need at least little or else its not that good enought
u know wat i mean
depends on the manga (romance, for e.g., as E-K, said "ichigo100%") but overall its unnecessary caus i read them since the story is nice or so^^
.....Would Naruto be better if there is ecchi...hmmm...tough.
hmm not really cause it wouldnt work with all the ninja activities
Would it? I mean there are plenty of ways for a ninja to lose their clothing. But that's another story for another day.

The point is...Ecchi is neutral. You don't have to have it, but it wouldn't hurt to not have.
you realize you just said manga shouldnt be ecchi.... but whatever.... i dont mind if naruto would have ecchi on it but i dont think it would be that good as it is now....
Anything that would take away from the concentration on Sasuke and onto more girls would be welcome...
ye and most ecchi mangas i kno its either have lots of girls or hot girl is a main character
::nose bleeds:: Ecchi can be pretty good, as in my favorite, Sekirei, but in some mangas shouldn't have it. But Bleach and Naruto could use some more lol.
No Comment and there never will.

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