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Poll: Ecchi a need or....
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I want it, because it gives something to the manga
20 43.48%
I couldn't care less if its there or not.
24 52.17%
Ghaaa i hate Ecchi. Its just an excuse to get more readers.
2 4.35%
Total 46 vote(s) 100%
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Ecchi a need or....
It really is pointless I cant stand it
its good for comedys though they can over use it sometimes but its perfect for to-love-ru but it doesnt really matter to me if its there or not if i dont want to c it ill just skip over it
Of course ecchi also is a useful way to bring in readers, you can't deny the appeal it has towards male readers now can you? (Most) guys love the female body, whether it be real or drawn it appeals to us and we want to see more, I mean guys need relief so whether it be used from manga or something else, the mangaka will want it to be from their manga because it sells more.
well i only like ecchi if its on a funny manga or something...
ecchi anime or manga like Love Hina and Welcome to NHK are funny but other might not be so
i dont mind it.. it gives thrill to the reader dont you think..? lol..
Ecchi adds comic relief and somewhat sexyness. I can live without it but its better to have a little. Ecchi is like beer.
SilverKunai Wrote:Ecchi is like beer.
Haha, i love that! Good one :thumbup:
I voted for the second option although I wouldn't say it in such a harsh way. It's always good for some comedy once in a while as long as it's not too much. Mx0 has a good ecchi-ration, Mahou Sensei Negima is a little too much, but it's still in an acceptable dimension.
ecchi is like beer.. yey, another alcoholic.. lets drink for ecchi,,^^ lol

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