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Poll: Ecchi a need or....
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I want it, because it gives something to the manga
20 43.48%
I couldn't care less if its there or not.
24 52.17%
Ghaaa i hate Ecchi. Its just an excuse to get more readers.
2 4.35%
Total 46 vote(s) 100%
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Ecchi a need or....
Small explanation about Ecchi:
In English, the word is often used in the context of manga and anime. The term ecchi is applied to anime or manga that has vague sexual content (such as skimpy clothing, partial or full nudity), but does not show sexual intercourse.

Some mangaka´s use this. What you think about it, discuss about it.
Personally i don't mind. I can look past it and even sometimes its needed to give some characters a pun in the manga.

I usually see it as funny like theres a lot of it in To-love-ru for example and it gives the series more humor, tho other times in other series it does seem to just get fans to watch/read the series. but over all i say its ok as long as its used in a comedic way.
nah, nothing wrong with it, but if its all serious all the time wouldnt be nice rite? and who likes a full clean manga anywayz, at least theres either violence or something, even doraemon has ecchi, its for u noe, to make it more interesting and like purin said, funnier.
I don't mind it, but it doesn't take away from the manga if it isn't there. It's not like I read manga to see naked people.
KevinIX Wrote:I don't mind it, but it doesn't take away from the manga if it isn't there. It's not like I read manga to see naked people.

Im soo agree with u!Big Grin
when you say sexual content that means sexual content of women (well the ones i have seen anyway) and i am sorry but eww! I don't swing that way!
i hate ecchi it ruins mangas for me
I don't mind it either way, sometimes it is better with it, sometimes it is worse. Sometimes it is even essential to the manga, such as in Ichigo 100%, the whole story started because the main character saw this girl with strawberry panties, heh. But I usually only prefer ecchi when it is in romance manga because it has more reason to be in there Rolleyes.
most of the time its pointless like when its in action mangas
personally i dont care i agree with some people above as long as the story is good ill read it if its there or not
You dont need ecchi for sex appeal. for blame!, i still thought cibo was pretty cute/hot even though she is wearing a full body suit. it's all about the way you draw the girls.

not that i complain when there's fan service, unless it's dead obvious (To-love ru, anyone?)

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