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Father's power
I don't think Pride is young, I think he just appears that way.

As for Father's power... I dunno... I want to know how Father is related to Hohenheim because I can't imagine their appearances just being a coincidence and we know Hohenheim can't be fully human (remember when those robbers tried to shoot him?)
hoenheim might be this sage of the east....
and the 'father' of the homculus might be the sage of the west (hey he controls the alchemy used by westeners)

it is possible that they are both real homocluoses....
There are actually 4 countries surrounding Ametris, they implying Rentanjutsu from the east because it's located east from Ametris, and there're also a country from west of Ametris, so it's not exacly called western alchemist....

Real homunculus?, then the one created him must be uber powerful... (not another invincible character), the current homunculi are more than real already.

As for his relation to Hoenheim..., I can only guess, anything ordinary to the craziest opinion is possible as for now.

There's actually one for thing for me to wonder..., what's his goal exactly?, don't you all think we haven't heard any defenite goal from him or the homunculus?

Human sacrifice from Amestris; yes, but to gain what?
Immortality - He have it already.
World Domination - Ametris, the most powerful country, is his to begin with.
Super Army - The homunculi is more than enough already.
He already have what usual human would seek already, what more can he want/gain?
I dont' really se the manga heading that way, with super homonculi and invincible ennemies. So far it's been a manga of politics, alchemy and moral conflicts, with twists and turns. These things have all been the essence of the manga and I thin it would just cheapen it if it continued the current fad with other mangas like naruto and bleach.

Anyone agree?
I am quite agree with draik opinion but i dont see that as a bad way to go for full metal alchemist

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