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it was not monkey i think, but the d. dragon is right.
His name is 'Portgaz D Ace'.
that was annoying ace and black beard have a good fight and it ends in a clift hanger i think the author forgot about it...
lol idk maybe thata what he wants u to think =P
Most likely Ace was defeated, BB was showing his signs of advantage over Ace. Then Ace brought out this huge sun-like Fireball, so idk,

But we did see Ace's hat on the floor in the end, that was probably the last sign of the fight. But I don't think that Ace died, it can't be.

I also think that we haven't seen too much of BB's character to think that he would actually kill Ace. We do know that he killed off his division, and we had some info at Drum Island, but I don't even know how he was able to give Shanks the scar on his face, so....... pretty unclear to me.
ah talking about shanks you kno the author never told us about his power. shanks is like one of the 4 lords something like that and he is immensly strong but we dont' kno anything about his power.
Yeah, Shanks did show us his spirit on Whitebeard's ship, although we still don't know his actual power, or even if he ate a devil fruit, since he was pretty surprised when Luffy first ate the Gomu Gomu fruit and arguing about not being able to swim.

But, it seems that the way Shanks' spirit works, weak people aren't strong enough to withstand Shanks' spirit like the way WB and his strong crew members do.
spirit thats the word i was thimking about a world that would decribe it i didn't say it cuz i couldn't think of the right words for it. also he was able to swim and save luffy when he was almost eaten by that monster so he didn' thave a devil fruit power then
yeah, so I guess he didn't have a df back then, although we never know now. What is this "spirit" power? And how come we've never seen it before? Could it be Oda's new kind of strong grouping? You know, like in Naruto when ninja's are sorted by their element, eg. wind, fire, water.. etc.

Hopefully Oda will explain this power later in the manga.

I also want to ask the battle between Shanks and BB. If BB was able to give Shanks a scar, then what the hell did shanks do to BB? Was shanks just standing there letting Blackbeard do anything? And with BB's df, how was shanks left with a scar. I hope Oda also goes into detail with this battle too.
i hope so but that won't be for quite some time the author is focuzing on this arc for now. wow its been so long i forgot the destination the guys were headed to untill they hit the dark ocean

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