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umm...actually he usually does almost not sure if u were attempting humor or sumtin but i failed to comprehend it if u were
Ace won't die thats for sure knowone that important ever dies in one piece unless its a flashback but i still think they'll make it so blackbeard won.
well,i prefer Ace end up almost dying..and then battle Blackbeard again,but much more Luffy.1st try doesn't always work...there gotta be a 2nd or 3rd time like when Luffy fight Crocodile or Luccy
I doubt they'll do that with ace its far more likely that luffy will end up killing blackbeard off.
word...but I still hope Ace survive so Luffy can fight an impossible match with Ace...Fire vs Rubber
Hmmmm that would be a good battle but i'm still waiting for the proper fight between ace and smoker Smile
Ace MIGHT be dead because the fight was techinally a flashback (go ahead, check) and we know that in the world of One piece ppl die in flashbacks.

on the other hand, this is ACE were talking about. he has that D bloodline in him so he might not be dead.
i think maybe he's hanging by a thread just like blackbeard
Darkreaper70 Wrote:i think maybe he's hanging by a thread just like blackbeard

Same. I hope they knock each other out then Blackbeard or Ace run away. Hopefully ace to go tell WhiteBeard then WB*short for Whitebeard* goes searching for BB and duke it out

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