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What do u guys think was the outcome of the Ace blackbeard fight i really hope that he wernt killed cos he was a great character i think or does nebody care lol

tell me what u think an when/how u think its gna affect luffy an his crew
I don't think Ace is dead. We'll probably get to know more details when Blackbeard and Luffy finally meet again. His Darkness-Power probably did something to Ace, maybe he absorbed him or something, trpaped him in a seperate dimension.
im not sure what happened but im pretty sure ace didnt die
i think something may have happened to him and he definately lost
i think when luffy finds out he'll be pissed and just beat the crap out of blackbeard...
I'm sure Ace will win..cuz i think he'll later on fight his lil bro,Luffy.
well rubber should naturally be weak against fire and they said that luffy lost to his brother all the time back in the village even after luffy got the guno guno powers and before ace got his mera mera powers
well he might comes up with something new! u can never know wut Luffy would do!
yes we do XP we know its gonna be something weird and stretchy...
Meat too! x) also someone gonna get their a** kicked..
XD and luffy always eating like uber food after winning amazingly after almost dying XP
luffy is not almost dieing he just has a lack of meat in his system that is all Sad god dont you know anything Big Grin

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