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Poll: Who will be the greatest villian??
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5 17.86%
3 10.71%
Akat Leader
13 46.43%
7 25.00%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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Greatest Villian
It would be more interesting if sasuke became the greatest villian but I just dont see it happening...
I see no one voted for kabuto/oro, which is kinda funny. Eventually, however kabuto will come after sasuke and naruto... maybe he will kill sasuke or maybe he will get revenge by killing Itachi which will spawn a new arc where sasuke will chase after kabuto and try to kill him, just guessing anyway.
Im really hoping that the akat leader will be the strongest character introduced because of all this secrecy surrounding him...
hmm...i was just wondering with the people that chose other did they have any1 particular in mind?
Keita Wrote:hmm...i was just wondering with the people that chose other did they have any1 particular in mind?
Im guessing Itachi which brings up the question as to why this manga is not called sasuke instead of naruto...
Yeah, i mean that emphasis is getting a bit too much at times. In the past, there was an emphasis on lots of naruto's friends, but this time its all about sasuke, rather than about an entire team... I guess naruto gets a bit boring to write about week after week: he isn't exactly the deepest character!
I say Al because the Akatsuki is the biggest threat right now...There planning on using the Bijuu to start wars and demand money for peace. So they can literally take over the world....And ya Orochimaru is pretty sucky now...
yes he is a reallii evill money face.....

oro died and my friends cried......
actualli, ever since the invation of konoha, i tink he has been portrayed a pretty weak bad guy....
at first, when i first saw him... it was like 'OMG soo evil'
now im pretty much disopointed...
now all the old people look nothing compare to the kids... is kind of sad...
The kids are a lot stronger now which does make the villians seem weaker, thats why Im hoping the unknown akats will show something super strong and unique...
What the hell kind of poll is this?

Orochimaru was by far the most epic villain in Naruto. He had an utter disregard for human life, absolutely no loyalty, and he was CRAY!

You could never predict anything he did, that made him dangerous and freaking scary.

Zabuza and the wind ninja follow him, every one else on this poll is nothing.
LOL, who put Sasuke in the poll? Just lol.

Orochimaru, hands down.

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