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Poll: Who will be the greatest villian??
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5 17.86%
3 10.71%
Akat Leader
13 46.43%
7 25.00%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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Greatest Villian
yea i think the akatsuki leaders going to be the strongest i this point i dont want any new surprise villains to pop up i just want this part of the story to finish without any weird surprises
well there are going to be surprises like who's the akatsuki leader but just that kind of surprise....
yea but i meant i dont want any new villains coming out of nowhere
well when the akatsuki leader comes out he will become a new villain but i know what you mean.....
i hope so cause i dont feel like explaining again XP
hehe anyway what about kabuto and oro? i think kabuto is going to become oro eventually.... or maybe sasuke.
i think the kabuto/oro thing is really creepy and should go die sumwhere and sasuke isnt really bad i think...hes just emo and has a big brother complex
agree i think sasuke is just kind of crazy in killing his brother but the fact that kabuto put part of oro on him is giving me a bad feeling...
it should...its freaky
Sasuke is alright, I was just saying that if he decided to become a villain, he would be best at pwning Naruto. I don't think its that likely, but what else will there be for him to do once he's killed Itachi? He might end up being corrupted or something... we'll see, I suppose.
Back on topic, not counting Sasuke, I'd have to say the AL. All of the Akatsuki are in awe of him, which is no mean feat: we can guess that he has oodles of power... it would just be nice if we had a few more clues about him...

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