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Poll: Who will be the greatest villian??
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5 17.86%
3 10.71%
Akat Leader
13 46.43%
7 25.00%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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Greatest Villian
not at all...emo people arent evil...cuz if they kill themselves b4 they get that deranged....then again...if sasuke doesnt turn evil he will probably live...but if he is evil...he might die...

*hopes and prays*
Kishimoto wont make his fav character go evil so sasuke is going to live
i have to say others

we didnt really see what evil thing akatsuki leader, except for telling their member to earn money and take bijuu and kill some leaf ninja
plz note the poll said akatsuki leader not akatsuki member

oro and kabuto
well kabuto is oro dog
and all oro want is revenge and sasuke body

well all he did is take over oro and kill hes brother
hes really sad
AL, and im not saying this from a 'what will happen in the series' standpoint, im just looking at the evidence. if he was powerful enough to bring together and command all those criminals and survivefor so long, then hes gotta be the best.
I would hate for another villian to be introduced at this point... Kabuto/Oro will be a future nemises but I dont think he will be as powerful as the AL. If oro who is supposedly the most powerful villian seen so far worked for the al, then we know he has to be super powerful...
I think the creator would make a new villain thats even more powerful than all previous in order to keep the series alive.
In terms of naruto-pwning power, I would say that sasuke would be the most interesting: he actually has a bond with naruto, meaning that it will be a more interesting fight. The others will be hard, yes, but if sasuke became a villain, he could do the most damage to naruto I bet. Of course, if AL is someone interesting, then who knows?
If sasuke were to become a villian, how would he actually go about doing it... he would have to hate naruto so naruot would have to do something that would make sasuke mad...
this poll isnt quite right because sasuke isnt a villain

all sasuke wanted is to defeat his brother
well maybe he became one when he tried to kill naruto... do you remember that?.... anyway the bad guy in naruto right now is itachi because everybody is after him.... but i would say the akatsuki leader is the bad guy....

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