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Poll: Who will be the greatest villian??
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5 17.86%
3 10.71%
Akat Leader
13 46.43%
7 25.00%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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Greatest Villian
Who will be the greatest most powerful villian?? And why??
I am thinking greatest villain, not most powerful, will be Itachi, just because he is the person everyone is fixated on. lol may be because I am biased,, but you get what I am saying.
i want it to be AL because i dont want some unforeseen villain to just pop out of nowhere...that would piss me off...
and oro is weak! since most akats could probably beat him...and kabuto wouldnt help cuz he's only on kakashi's level...

Well the new kabutomaru will be a combo of medical skills and snakey deliciousness so he will be super powerful and he already said hes goin after sasuke and naruto...
Al will be the strongest villain i think, and if the story does keep going on after Akatsuki it will be a war of the villages not some criminal syndicate like this arc
ya thats kewl...maybe oro will find some way to set off a war...just w/o sasuke...
and then the leaf goes and pwns every1 w/ their future sanin team...
:lol::lol::lol::lol:I think the other lesser known villages will band together to overthrow the 5 great hidden villages.I think maybe kabuto/oro will bring them together manipulating the situation:lol::lol::lol:
I think AL will be the biggest villian cause hes probly super powerful and hes most likely someone from someone we knows past...
AL, because AL had Moderation powers Big Grin
Greg Wrote:AL, because AL had Moderation powers Big Grin
Oh, I see...

Anyway, some people think that sasuke will turn inexplicably evil and will be narutos ultimate enemy, anyone else agree with that??

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