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Pokemon diamond and pearl
no...!, another mis-timing communication...., I was just about to get online sparks (I left my pc online when going out earlier), I'll be online here 'till next 4 hours as I post this message to make up for it, I'm sorry for this, I just realize my PM box also...
ready, wtf? you left Sad
dude, can i have a bagon and spirtomb? Big Grin i can give you...erm... a... chikorita and cyndaquil Big Grin
Sure, I can breed you one anytime, in fact I have bunches bagon & gible eggs sitting in my box.

i don't need spiritomb, got one off a mate xD, but you can still have chikorita and cyndaquil
uh..., nvm, I can actually also breed bunches of Chikorita & Cyndaquil..., and all other starters as well.

mostly looking for Hoenn pokemon that exist in Ruby/Sapphire only.
can i have a totodile then? Big Grin it's the only starter i need
yea, sure I guess, just gimme some time to breed it If ya will.

btw sparks, are u really offline or what?, your status keep on offline, but your reply come very fast...
i'm on firefox, so i don't have a clue, i just have a tab open on this page and hit F5 every now and then

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