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How To Defeat The Earl
So if he kills the Earl, then he'll be able to kill the Earl?
mmmm errrr..... what?
u made no sense with what u said earlier....please clarify it...
mm... if the others innocences join with allens innocence he would be able to defeat the earl.... thats what i said...
no...u said if he beats the earl he gets all the innocence and can beat the earl....u really need to think about what u say before u say it
mmm... yeah i think i was thinking in saying he would kill the earl first and then about the innocence combination so i got cofused....
oh....well maybe u type it then look at it and make sure it makes sense before u post it eh?
yeah sorry about that i should pay more attention next time
yea...cause u seem to do that alot
How to kill the Earl?Erm...oh i know! Since he's a clown we use the ultimate weapon against clowns...THE POWER OF TEH MIMES!Maybe Crowned Clown becomes a Crowned Mime instead and uses Teh Ubah Mime Box techniques and....

K thats enough bull****

Well, I guess the Crowned Clown evolves yet again or Allen gets a new innocence(which mixes with Crowned Clown) and Defeats Teh F@tA55!

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