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How To Defeat The Earl
what about linalee's innocence.... thats a very strong one it protects her from harm and the people are now wondering if thats the heart or if it is allens innocence....
I think linalees is that heart innocence everyone is talking about... and if thats the case doesnt that mean she can control other innocence or something...??
i think it means that if you destroy that innocence all the other innocence go boom
yeah thats what the earl and the noah r aftr so they can stop the excorsicts from stopping them
but i also thought the heart innocence was shaped in the form of a heart and of thats true then someone else has it.... it will be cool if a new character apears with the heart innocence atcually in his/her heart and he/she would by a parasite type exorcist
They have never said what shape 'the heart' has. That is why the Noah destroy any innocence they come across for two reasons. One, it could end up being a problem for them in the future. Two, if its 'the heart', it will render all other innocence inactive. 'The heart' is called 'the heart' because it is the source of power for all other innocence and it is stronger then all the rest, or something like that. Now, with that in mind, I think Linali or Allen is has 'the heart'. I just read some theories on and one person said that it could be both of them, suggesting that 'the heart' could be in multiple people, who have different types of innocence. But I don't think that is correct, because there is a third class of innocence that we know nothing about. I think that if Allen or Linali aren't 'the heart', then it is someone who has the third class of innocence. Personally, I lean more towards Allen having 'the heart' because he broke 100% syncro-rate. Since he has broken it, it also means that he can go farther beyond his rate right now, especially since the only thing we know about the rate is that it is over 100%. And It will be Allen who defeats the Earl since Allen was called 'the Destroyer of Time'. Either that or, Allen literaly destroys time and then that would be the end of it, since with out time, everything would stop, and then there are a whole mess off Sci-Fi laws that say what would happen if time stops. But, I don't think that will happen since Miranda has an innocence with power over time.
mmm... wow thats some speach and welcome by the way... but it is kind of true what youre saying i was just making my own theory... but if someone else has the heart he would sure be stronger as allen because the heart suppose to be the strongest innocence or something....
yeah, but then if some one else has it, one would then would look at chapter 116 (I know its that chapter because i re-read it during my speech) Hevlaska and Komui say that 'he' has finally appeared, so i think that it means that there are quite a few legends/prophecies that revolve around 'the heart'/generals. and if there is someone else who breaks 100%, dear god, the Earl will die.
well if the "heart" was in a excorsists actual heart wouldnt that be allen?
Why do you say that Spartan?

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