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How To Defeat The Earl
Allens innocence will be more over 100% than it already is.
yeah i agree because he is the one that is going to destroy the earl after all....
i guess he could train in sword fighting becuz hes kind of new at it and the earl has had lero longer than allen has had his excorsing sword
yeah if allen fights the earl right now he might lose because he lacks practice....
Sword fighting would probably be hard for him since he only has one arm and it is a big sword.
mmm.... i dont think that would be such a big trouble for allen if he gets stronger...
Just because his innocence is over 100% now doesnt mean it will stop advancing further... no one ever said it stopped advancing at 100.
only having one arm might not be a problem, sense its part of his body it might not be so heavy
about the sword for some reason it reminds me of inuyasha.... anyway maybe cross will be the one to defeat the earl who knows....
I think allen will defeat the earl, cross is the type of character who gets killed...

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