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How Is Evry Body gonna Get Stronger To Fight Aizen
yeah im pretty sure thats what gonna happen
Keita Wrote:u misunderstood my original statement i think....he wants her to restore the thing but when she goes to do it she could just as easily destroy it and he wouldnt be able to stop her
yeah i know and what i said was that he should just kill her before she does that.....
...theres no way he can tell what shes planning to do...because it looks the same until it actually happens
i think tatsuki, keigo and mizuiro will come and show up and help with their new powers ^^
lol wonder what kinda powers they end up with
I want to see if they will get powers. Because all of them now can sense there presence....I hope Karin get in on th action too!
well there not ichigo so i dont think they will learn powerful techniques in such a short time

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