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Everyone has been basicaly posting the same thing over and over for a definition
it doesent seem like it should be because of his hair, his hair is orange.. but its possible i guess. Oh maby because the hollows masks are usually white....?...i dunno we should ask tite kubo ^^
Wasn't there an interview with the author why its called Bleach?
Yes it's in my Shonen Jump! And Kubo lied! He said there would be no Movie but there is!!!! I want to see it!
Why is it called Bleach?
Obviously due to the nature of Hollows being all White'ish with their masking and everything, as well how important they've been in the story, not only as a monstrous enemy (at first) but also as a means of greater power for the MC as well others, and as of late a poison towards the latest form of enemy aka the Quincy's.

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