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Allen sword
its not an exorcist sword and no hes not an akuma
An exorcist sword is an innocence sword, so technically if the earls sword is innocence it might be considered exorcist 'friendly'... but I dont know anything about the earls sword or thing he uses...
maybe the earl sword is made of a non-inncence material or something
its made of lero thats what its made of >.>
aahh no i dont think is made of lero unless lero is that material or innocence itself....
>.>.....lero's handle became the sword....i think he is kinda like...part of the sword or sumtin
mm... there is something wierd about all this of the swords i think we just got to wait until the mystery is out
But if the count uses innocence why would he want to destroy the heart since it would lead to him losing his power?
...cause hes not using innocence
i kno im just adding to ur statement that it wouldnt make sense for him to be able to use innocence.

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